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VENICE & COUNTRY is a tourist service presenting AGRITOURISMs and FARMHOUSES with accommodations, BED&BREAKFASTs, small GUESTHOUSES, VILLAS and APARTMENTS for holidays, Boutique HOTELS.

By means of this portal we try to help you to find an intelligent and different type of accommodation; a pleasant point of departure for your visit to:

We will not present you any hotels, but only those accommodations which will make you feel closer in contact with people and places.
To make your choice easier, we have pointed out the position of the main attractions: the Veneto region, as the whole of Italy, is full of works of art and cultural and folkloristic events. You can easily find them in our inner pages. Furthermore, you will find an abundant documentation for tourists on your arrival.
The access to our database is free of charge: take your time to find the best solution for your requirements!

Accommodations down town Venice

Accommodations near Venice:

Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Padova, Treviso, Rovigo, Belluno; or in the Dolomities, or at Garda lake or at Venice beach or countryside.
In Venetia are you never far away from Venice!! (the trip to Venice is one hour the longest, by car or railways).


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 Historical town



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